Overnight Care

Service Breakdown

Even the most devoted and helpful family requires rest. It might be taxing to support everyday domestic tasks while also caring for your loved one throughout the day. Regrettably, there is always a need for night time care for your loved one.

For those restless evenings when your loved one feels distressed, worried, or alone, our overnight care staff are also avaible to offer a helping hand. We have brought many families comfort by ensuring that their loved one has someone by their side when they are unable to do so.

There are two available options for our overnight care services:

For the first option, our caregiver stays with you or your loved one throughout the night and is available whenever assistance is required, sleeping when they are not needed. This form of care is best for care recipients who have relatively healthy sleeping habits but may require assistance getting to the bathroom or taking medication. 

For the second option, our caregiver will be awake and alert at all hours. The carer can either remain in the same room as the client or be in a nearby part of the house, while regularly checking and observing the client. This option is best for anyone who needs close supervision throughout the night.

What Our Caregivers Provide

Close monitoring.

Bathroom assistance.
Medication assistance.
Regular updates to loved ones or specialists, if needed.
Emergency support.

How To Get Started

1. Getting To Know You

Once we've received your enquiry, our team will assess your application and give you a call to learn more about what you need. We'll then provide you with information on the services that are available based on your exact requirements.

2. Care Team Assessment

We will then arrange for one of our experts to visit you and carry out a comprehensive assessment of your care needs. After this visit, a fully costed care package will be offered and a plan created in collaboration with you and your family to ensure that you are happy with all aspects.

3. Selecting Your Care Giver

We will identify suitable healthcare professionals to support you in-line with your care plan and arrange for you to meet them to ensure that all of your needs are met. If any additional training is required to support your care requirements, this will also be coordinated.

4. Care Begins

Your service commences.

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